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  1. Applicants in good physical and mental health with no condition that would
    interfere with life span or ability to parent.  Some programs have specific medical issues pertaining to prospective adoptive applicant(s);

  2. At least one parent must be an American citizen;

  3. Infant is defined as child up to 12 months at time of referral depending on program;

  4. Adequate finances that include:

    a.    Stable employment history;

    b.    Income to meet US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service   Regulations for income 125% of National Poverty Guidelines for size of family including prospective adoptive child/children;

    c.    Sound money management and life insurance on both parents;
    Medical insurance to cover the child upon ARRIVAL including pre-existing conditions;

    d.    Net worth (assets minus liabilities) that demonstrates not only ability to cover expenses of adoption but stable financial position for size of the family including child being adopted;

  5. At least one parent (for couples) or single parent must be able to be off work
    for adequate period of time at arrival of child to enable secure adjustment.
    When returning to work, childcare plan must be provided;

  6. Home study that reflects plan for guardianship of child/children in event of
    parent's or parents' death(s) or permanent condition preventing
    continuation of parental responsibility;

  7. Infertility treatment, pregnancy, or application to another agency for
    placement, must be postponed until the finalization of adoption through
    AIAA. Should pregnancy occur, reapplication could be accepted when birth
    child is one year of age. Exceptions will be considered for children with
    special needs;

  8. At time of acceptance of child referral, prospective adoptive parent(s) will be
    required to sign AIAA’s Statement of Acceptance and Understanding.

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