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Now the excitement begins. One of first things that you need to do before beginning process to adopt a child from overseas is to educate yourself:

Sample Statement of Acceptance and Responsibility








  1. Go online and research all sites pertaining to agencies, children being placed, costs, travel, US government , and overseas requirements;

  2. Join an adoptive parent group or talk to other families who have adopted internationally;

  3. Read everything you can find about risks and rewards of international adoption.

To begin process for adopting a child through AIAA, this Web site,, will acquaint you with our international not-for-profit agency that has been placing children from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe since 1975. Descriptions about how to adopt, AIAA General Requirements, present international placement programs, and our aid projects are posted.

Download General Information Packet, which includes Preapplication, Medical Checklist, and Financial Statement. Review and print out Specific Program Descriptions, which include children being referred, country requirements for applicants, fee schedules, travel, etc.

You can also obtain AIAA adoption information by:

1.      Phone (248-362-1207);

2.      Email or fill out the online request;

3.      Mail (2151 Livernois, Suite 200, Troy, MI 48083)

Next step is to file a Pre-application. Executive Director reviews all Preapps and, if you qualify for a specific program, formal application will be sent. Select Home Study/Post Placement/Post Adoption service provider. If you live in Michigan, AIAA will provide home study and post placement/post adoption services. For Out of State applicants, see, Choosing Local Social Service Agency.

Upon receipt of formal application:

  1. Case file established. If you are an Out of State Applicant, home study and post placement/post adoption supervision request sent to local direct social service agency you have chosen;

  2. You file I-600a or I-800a for child’s US visa application;

  3. Completed home study is filed with AIAA by local direct service case worker and approved by AIAA’s Social Work Supervisor;

  4. AIAA Country Program Administrator works with you for documentation to obtain child referral.

When child referral is sent to AIAA from overseas, it is forwarded to your caseworker for presentation. You are expected to share this information with, not only your pediatrician, but also one of international adoption medical specialists, or other appropriate expert, before accepting referral. If doctors have any questions, AIAA will assist in attempting to obtain additional information. Upon acceptance of the referral, you will complete whatever acceptance documentation required by country of origin and AIAA’s Statement of Acceptance and Understanding. (See sample Statement)


Each Program Description will explain information pertaining to specific country and additional procedures required in US and in country of origin for international adoption. Basically, they will include:

  1. Children being referred;

  2. Specific country requirements for applicants;

  3. AIAA’S general requirement;

  4. Fee schedules;

  5. Travel requirements to country of origin for finalization of adoption, prospective adoptive parent obtaining guardianship of the child for adoption in the US, or AIAA’s guardianship of child for adoption in the US, where necessary. Escorting alternatives, where possible;

  6. Post Placement or Post Adoption requirements for the country of origin or local county court;

  7. Adoption finalization procedures in local county court, where required;

  8. Obtaining Certificate of Citizenship, whether the adoption was completed in the country of origin or in the US;

  9. Requirement to send AIAA a copy of final adoption order and proof of US citizenship;

  10. Desire that you keep in touch with AIAA and those who cared for your child(ren) in country of origin as milestones are reached so we can enjoy them too!

Staff at AIAA will be here with you every step of the way to bring your child(ren) home.

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