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Korean Program through Social Welfare Society is AIAA's oldest placement program. More than 3,000 families have adopted Korean child dating back to 1977.



Referrals are infants relinquished shortly after birth and placed in foster care. Referrals generally at 8-10 months of age. Timing from Acceptance Documents being sent to Korea and child arriving home is 7-9 months.


  1. Open to either sex up to 12 months at Referral. Couples with child(ren) of one sex may state preference for opposite sex but still accepting of either sex;

  2. Open to minimal maternal drinking and smoking;

  3. At least one parent American citizen;

  4. Couples married three+years with commitment to instill knowledge and pride in Country/Culture of Korea;

  5. Twenty-five to forty-three with no more than ten years age difference;

  6. If only one is of Korean Heritage, both must be under 44;*

  7. Without children or no more than four;

  8. Korean adopted child youngest by at least eighteen months;

  9. Minimum of High School Education

  10. Good Physical and Mental Health with no medical conditions interfering with Life Expectancy or ability to parent;

  11. Body Mass Index of 30% or less; KOREAN BMI WEIGHT CHART

  12. Not on Medication for Anxiety or Depression;

  13. Five  Post Adoption Supervision Reports within  first year of Arrival. Due at second, fourth, sixth, ninth and twelfth month along with Arrival Medical and five pictures of child/family with each Report.

  14. Copy of US Citizenship Certificate forwarded to Korean Agency.

*NOTE: Age Waiver on case-by-case basis for parents between ages 45-50.

A: At least one parent of Korean Heritage

B: Either parent adoptee (of any heritage)

C: Parents (of any Heritate) already adopted from Korea


First step to apply would be to complete  Preapplication Form which can be found on website, by email, or phone, 248-362-1207. Executive Director reviews all Preapplications and Formal Applications may be sent, further information requested, or response as to way AIAA cannot accept Preapplication.


Next step is Home Study. In Michigan, Study would be completed by one of AIAA's Case Workers. For Out of State Applicants, you would work with  Cooperating Hague Accredited Agency in your State. You will also be required to have Psychological Evaluation and testing which will be sent with Home Study to SWS for approval.


Child Referral Information includes social and medical history of birth parents. If available, birth and present medical condition, developmental information, pictures and video. Following Medical Consultation, Tammy will assist you with acceptance of Referral, travel and legal processing in Korea, and procedures to obtain US visa for your child.


Two trips are required. First trip you will spend time with your child in foster home and SWS Office and participate in Adoption Court Hearing. You will then return to  US. Following legal processing in Korea and United States, at least one parent returns for US Embassy Visa interview and escorting  your child home.

FEE SCHEDULE (As of March 9, 2017)


Preapplication $      00.00  
Formal Application 500.00  
AIAA Program Fee 3,000.00 Due at Home Study Submission
AIAA Intercountry Processing 6,000 .00 Due at Child Referral
Korean Agency Fee 20,040.00 Due at Child Referral


 $     29,540.00   

PLEASE NOTE: Does not include Home Study, Post Adoption Supervision fees, or international travel.

For further information regarding Korean Program, please call office and ask for Korean Program Administrator, Tammy Lydick, or email

We look forward to working with you for a child from Korea.

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